I love nature and being outside either on dry land or on the water. This is where I can find peace. All my designs are inspired by nature. They are carefully handcrafted combining precious and semi-precious gems, nature’s bounty such as shells, seeds, coral, etc. with sterling silver, 14 kt gold or 14/20 gold-filled findings and beads.

My desire is to provide quality artisan jewelry to discriminating individuals at an affordable cost, most often below the cost of costume jewelry. Why wear mass produced jewelry when you can select jewelry as unique as you are?

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Member 2020 of SRAJD (Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer) and have been designing jewelry since I was a child. You can read my entire profile at www.whimsea.etsy.com and see how my artisan jewelry has progressed over the years. In order to bring quality artisan jewelry directly to you at an affordable cost, I have joined Etsy, a market place for handcrafted items. Please stop in some time to see my designs or e-mail me for an invitation to view my photo albums on Snapfish.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is it a man thing? Asking for directions

O.k. so here I am with only one post and still more questions than ever.  I'm not a man so I'm not averse to asking for directions and will when I can find some one not so busy that I don't feel I'm bothering them when I decide to ask.  Another problem is who to ask that would have the expertise.  I'm leaning toward the younger generation but they are all busy leading their own lives.  That old song "the cat's in the cradle with the silver spoon, little boy blue ...." is becoming all too real.

I will conquer this when I have more computer time.  At the time I'm sharing.  Now I'm all for sharing but it does slow the process down.

But the good news is I'm having a sale in my etsy shop  www.whimsea.etsy.com and anyone who reads this gets the coupon code "Blog 20% off" which just needs to be placed in the notes to seller on your Paypal directions and I'll refund your discount right away.  Because my prices are so low to begin with I can't combine special offers.  So you get some great high quality artisan jewelry inspired by nature designed to inspire you at a unbelievable price.  Gift giving is so easy.  Coupon code good through September 11, 2010.

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  1. hey there!
    i'm visiting from an etsy thread, and i just wanted to say this::

    your blog is looking really cute so far!

    just 2 tips ::
    cut your banner a little shorter if you can, because it's *huge* ( it's an awesome picture, but most people are interested in your lovely words!)
    also you should make your side bars a little bigger, or the 1 big picture of the (admittedly gorgeous) necklace a little smaller, so it fits.

    seriously though, it's looking really cute so far! you'll get it figured out soon, i'm sure.
    if you need some help though, shoot me an etsy convo, my username is CameraforKitty. ^.^-b